FDA tells Google-backed 23andMe to halt sales of genetic test

It’s important when scientific inaccuracy is brought to light, but damn it, I’ve wanted to take one of these tests for quite a while now. Besides, I learned to lean in the genetic (rather than environmental) direction of explaining causes on my own, at least in psychology.

But a false result could lead women to undergo unnecessary screening, chemotherapy and surgery.

I’m skeptical that the type of person who would buy this test would also be the type to read about one of their genetic tendencies and assume SHIT I HAVE AIDS NOW or LOOKS LIKE I CAN HAVE ALL THE UNPROTECTED BUTTSEX I WANT THANKS TO THIS DOCUMENT. And what the fuck is wrong with cautionary screening?

Maybe the FDA should slap a big disclaimer on the test, but they don’t need to prohibit it. The test itself — spitting in a tube and mailing it somewhere — can’t do any harm, unlike those retarded weight loss pills or cosmetic surgeries. Even assuming the test is wrong and stupid, I have as much right to be stupid as gamblers and cleansers.

I’m most interested in the ancestral information anyway.

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