Christian takes on the struggle of living without God for one year

This determined pastor is now unemployed, which I feel is going to be a tougher form of not having a job for him as nobody is giving him money anymore.* In fact, it’s probably going to be the only difficulty tacit in “being an atheist”. He made it to January 3rd without posting a prayer.

The author writes that his religious colleagues don’t support his endeavor (curiosity ever the enemy of faith) and are sort of alienating him. I’m really not sure what his spiritual journey actually entails, but fun-poking aside, maybe this guy will allow the most difficult kind of skepticism to enter his mind.

In his post on the 15th, he writes that there really aren’t any differences in his lifestyle between now and a year ago. Sounds like “leaving God” might just be a sort of emotional decision for him, and “God” describes a broad concept he equates with hope. He is even bold enough to doubt God’s existence as any sort of entity. The way his premise is formulated may sound ridiculous, but in the face of all those around him who take it so seriously, and a lifetime of doing so himself, it is laudable: this is a brave motherfucker.

* Well, some atheists have begun giving him money now.

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