I’ve gotten a lot of messages and video responses about my link-posting hiatus. It all comes down to this. This website will blow your fucking mind. Your eyeballs will crawl down into your scrotum for safety and fight over which one gets to eat your balls for nourishment in the harsh months after you view the official Supa Dupa Babee and friends website.

There is plenty of bizarre content, most of which I was able to read with a straight face, but please be sure to refer to:

  1. List Item One. The Action Figures page. Most notably the individual pages accessible from the bottom, providing swfs in which you can click my arm.
  2. List 1 item 2. The video preview of the CG show which apparently forms the main vehicle for Supa Dupa Babee, a YouTube clone of which brought me to the site.
  3. List 1 second item 2. The fact that this isn’t simple YouTube poop but some lady‘s dream platform for changing drug awareness education through a zero tolerance program.
  4. List 2
  1. Same list, next item. The fact that the site appears not to have been updated for 12 years, so maybe not absolutely everyone found this unsettling in 1993.
  2. End of list 2 list 1
  • End of list 2

End of list

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